The truth: We want you to become a Swede!

Someone said that success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. That’s a Swede in a nutshell. We like ourselves, we like what we do and we like how we do it. In addition, we have an amazing sense of humour, we are incredibly beautiful and we are incomprehensibly humble.

“As we are constantly growing, we need more talent like you.”

No, really! Sweden has been in the top ten on the Global Competitiveness Report since Norway invented the cheese slicer (their only invention). If we had to guess why, we’d say that this is because we are open to new ideas and that we have an ability to absorb other cultures. This is exactly where you come into the picture. As we are constantly growing, we need more talent like you. Talents that complement us and can help us reach even further.

Now we just need to persuade you to move to Örebro, a city with a name you probably can’t even pronounce. That’s exactly what this website is all about. We want you to move to Örebro and become a Swede!

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