The heart of Sweden. A brilliant headline!

If you look at where Swedes live, the Örebro region ends up in the middle of Sweden. More than 70 percent of Sweden’s population lives within a 300 km radius of us. Being the country’s demographic hub has many benefits, one of them is that you can refer to yourself as The heart of Sweden in headlines.

Örebro County consists of twelve municipalities and is named after its capital city, Örebro, which is the sixth largest city in Sweden. The advantage of a county that consists of small and large cities mixed with fields, lakes and deep forests is that you can choose exactly how you want to live and still be close to everything else. You can live in a big city and be close to nature or live in a small house by a lake and still be close to everything a major city has to offer.

Another advantage of being in the middle of Sweden is that it is close to other places. Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo are only a few hours away.


Askersund39 minutes
Degerfors48 minutes
Hällefors69 minutes
Hallsberg25 minutes
Karlskoga35 minutes
Kumla23 minutes
Laxå37 minutes
Lekeberg32 minutes
Lindesberg41 minutes
Ljusnarsberg90 minutes
Nora33 minutes
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