Welcome to Sweden’s new start-up scene

Investors, incubators and capital are all very well. But the things that really drive development are people, collaboration and the feeling that anything is possible. Seeing other people transform their dreams into reality, combined with being in a creative place where people think differently can inspire great things.

Creative networks and other people who have done well and are prepared to share their skills provide a good recipe for success. The fact that there are a lot of cosy communities and business hotels you can make use of before your venture takes off makes things a whole lot easier too.

Take the new esport company Epulze as an example. It recently completed a successful financing round amounting to SEK 57 million. It has a world-class digital platform that can arrange tournaments with the biggest names in the esport world. The company’s platform focuses on competitions for amateurs, but also produces larger events in which professional players participate.

Or Transfer Galaxy, a company that has developed a digital platform that makes it easier to send money to mobile wallets or cash collection points worldwide. The company’s target group is immigrants to Europe who want to send money home to their nearest and dearest. More than SEK 3 billion has now been sent to friends and family members the world over.

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