Caring for the Earth is not a hippie thing – it’s a survival thing.

Just like all other places, we treated nature wrong and just like all other places, we eventually realised it. Unlike many other places, we’ve put in an extra gear to fix what we did wrong.

The Oset Nature Reserve and Rynningeviken, located just three kilometers from Örebro city center, used to be a dump. For more than a hundred years, it was the “back yard” of our city, a dumping ground for tonnes of household waste, excavated materials and other debris.

Now, decades later, the area is one of our most popular recreational areas. A beautiful place filled with small meandering streams, wetlands, birdsong and winding paths for cycling and walking. Used for relaxation in the summer and long-distance skating in the winter.

If you get the opportunity, you should have a coffee at Naturens hus (Nature’s house). You get there by taking one of the city buses that run on banana peels.

Smart, smarter, energy-smart
Örebro as a city is at the forefront of new technology. With the help of new technology, we will be both more efficient and energy-smarter. For example, the Tamarinden district in Örebro will be one of Sweden’s first truly climate-smart residential areas, where several actors collaborate with each other. It will be a model for how we in Örebro change to be able to become climate neutral. The project has been initiated by Örebro municipality where several actors collaborate with each other.

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