Sweden’s most modern university!

The fact that we have Sweden’s most modern medical training programme alongside Sweden’s best hospital and more than 50 researchers focusing on artificial intelligence has made Örebro University increasingly popular – both among prospective students and in the world’s top university rankings. In terms of scientific excellence, the university lies in third place in Sweden, just behind Stockholm’s renowned Karolinska Institute and the University of Gothenburg.

If you’re afraid of blood, frightened by computers that can think for themselves or don’t want to be a leading doctor or computer genius, you could study to become a psychologist, lawyer or engineer. Örebro University is noted for its excellent research in the fields of medicine, psychology, environmental science and computer science.

This growing popularity has also contributed to the fact that the average age in Örebro is lower than in the rest of the country. This average is also falling at a steady rate in contrast to the nation as a whole where it is getting higher and higher. The largest population group in Örebro is 20-24 years old, which, of course, provides an interesting and stimulating basis for student life.

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