Laugh, dance
and cry

A famous musician once said that the fascinating thing about music is that it doesn’t really exist. As opposed to a painting, music is just air molecules that hit your eardrum a little bit differently. But despite this, these almost non-existent, subtle movements can make us want to laugh, dance or cry.

Örebro has long been recognized as being good at getting air molecules to move. Here you will find a wealth of artists, studios, producers, songwriters, clubs, stages and music industry people. It’s a place where bands are formed, music is written for world-renowned artists, big festivals are held and whatever genre of music you’re into, there’s always a live performance you can attend.

Örebro is also home to Live at Heart, one of Scandinavia’s biggest exhibition festivals and industry conferences. During the event, hundreds of artists, film makers and industry delegates along with thousands of Live at Heart fans gather in the city. Every year the festival stages more than 300 concerts spread across town with unsigned artists flying in from all over the world. The concerts are squeezed into every restaurant, bar, dance venue, office space and cubbyhole that it is possible to get hold of.

If you want to come here and give yourself up to the pulsating beat, feel the rhythm in your body and experience an evening that appeals to all your senses, then we suggest that you keep an eye out for the itinerant live club, Mono. Mono presents the best from the Swedish indie scene and enriches the live scene by focusing on the alternative and unique with artists who go their own way, regardless of the genre. Keep a check on their upcoming club evenings – that’s your responsibility!

If you would like to listen, we've put together a list of music samples from around here.

Fun facts!

Most probably, you are already familiar with Spotify,
one of the most popular music streaming services
in the world. Spotify was founded in Sweden during,
the year 2006.

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