From jungle to magic forest in 20 minutes

We are all different. Some of us more than others. While some of us like to wake up on a foggy morning next to a small woodland lake and brew our morning coffee over an open fire, others prefer 30 degree heat, palm trees, big waves and the opportunity to buy a latte. As luck has it, our region can offer both options.

Ten minutes’ walk from central Örebro is where you’ll find Sweden’s biggest bathing adventure – Lost City. There are jungles, wild rapids, ruins and six large water slides. On three of the water slides you whizz down on a rubber ring – either by yourself or with a friend. Inside the gates of the Lost City is the jungle mountain with its long Vildfors rapids water slide that rushes down into a large pool with a wave machine. But you don’t have to be a child to love it. We promise!

Just 20 minutes away is the type of forest you only read about in fairytales. Ancient fir trees, moss-covered valleys, small lakes, ancient remains, large boulders and mile after mile of waymarked trails to discover. Whether you choose to take a day trip or spend the night in one of the wind shelters, we promise you it will be an experience. And based on experience we can also reveal that there is mobile coverage almost everywhere, if you can’t get to sleep without your dose of Netflix.

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