Weird dances and
wonder kids

TikTok, Snapchat and YouTube not only teach children weird dance moves and how to use cat filters to make fun of adults, they also teach children to speak unbelievably good English. Strangely enough, neither nagging nor homework is needed. It is as if children are born with an English-speaking gene nowadays.

IB – The International Baccalaureate
In the International Baccalaureate program, all teaching is in English and you combine your education based on your interests. After three years, you are well prepared for further studies, not only in Sweden, but all over the world.

IES – International English School
Internationella Engelska Skolan is today the largest free school organisation at compulsory level (Grundskolan) in Sweden. More than 21,400 students attend our 30 schools around the country.

BISO – British International School in Örebro
BISO offers a world-class British and international education for students aged 5-19 in Örebro. BISO is a STEAM Education International School and offers an enriched International curriculum to students from around the world.

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