The smell of food
as Eau de Cologne

With a diverse population, the natural outcome is one where chefs, tastes and cultures from around the world constantly remix, reinvent, and collaborate. I you´re not careful it will make you eat four meals a day and start using the smell of cooking as Eau de cologne. If you’re willing to put aside all thoughts on LCHF, 5:2 diet and calorie counting, we would like to suggest three places to get your new fragrance.

Breakfast: Boulebar
How about a French breakfast/brunch consisting of yoghurt topped with berry coulis, a crispy tart flambée and Chicken à la Ballotine? If you are a true bon vivant, then you should finish in the French style with pastries and crème brûlée. Très bien!

Lunch: Saluhallen
Freshly-caught salmon, a luxurious Italian buffet, a Poké bowl, vegan or Asian street food? No problem. Here you can choose what you want from all the new and exciting dishes on offer as well as the tried and tested classics.

Dinner: Hachi
Omakase is served here – a fixed menu that varies. Omakase means “trust” and if there’s anyone you can trust, it’s one of Sweden’s best sushi chefs. Spanish tuna fish, northern Swedish char, Japan’s best sake and freshly-grated wasabi are served to the sounds of old hip hop and reggae tunes.

More food not to be missed

Boo Natur
After working at a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in both Sweden and England, Joe Devine moved to Örebro and opened Boo Natur, where he offers a unique tasting menu that changes every week.

Katrinelund Gästgiveri & Sjökrog
At Katrinelund you can enjoy the view over Lake Hjälmaren and treat your taste buds to the kitchen’s fantastic gastronomy. If you have a spare SEK 36,000 you can take a direct flight from Stockholm’s Bromma airport and land on the water just outside the restaurant.

Krogen som Inte finns
In a barn set in the countryside, moonlight restaurateurs Davide and Sandra have opened Krogen Som Inte Finns, where they work magic with local ingredients (when they are not running a fast food restaurant or driving their food truck).

Hjulsjö 103
Hällefors is where you will find the sourdough bakery that is home to Sweden’s tastiest pizza. It’s really only for takeaways, but if you bring your own scissors and buy a local craft beer, you could eat your pizza straight from the box. The bakery won a gold medal in 2018 and 2019 from SM Mathantverk, the Swedish artisan food championships.

A food studio housed in a former church dating back to 1884. Local ingredients and spontaneous opening times that you have to keep an eye out for if you want to sample a world-class ten-course dinner.

More facts

If you are really interested in filling life with nutritious content, Örebro and the surrounding area does not only consist of places to eat good food. Campus Grythyttan conducts research on, among other things, Culinary Arts, Sensory Science and Hospitality Management.

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