More engineers than at a Mensa after party!

It’s a bit like the chicken and the egg. Either we have attracted a lot of engineers because we have a lot of hi-tech companies or we have a lot of hi-tech companies because so many engineers live here. Whatever the reason we have a lot – of both engineers and hi-tech companies.

If you’re really old school, you can read on Wikipedia that people have been processing things in the forests around here since the Bronze Age. Then along came someone with the title of engineer, built cities and realised bronze wasn’t the best material for 3D printing and all of a sudden we had an advanced manufacturing industry with exports all over the world.

Here you can now train as an engineer, 3D-print wicked advanced prototypes of staff in spacesuits at Amexci, work in the pharmaceutical industry or help to solve the greatest environmental challenges of the future. The proof? In Karlskoga alone, more patent applications are filed per capita than in any other city in Sweden. Having the highest population of engineers has its advantages.

So, if you are an engineer and looking for new challenges, you should load up the removal van, move here and meet your future at, for example, Epiroc, Ovako, Meritor, Saab dynamics, Nobel biocare, Amexci, Zinkgruvan Mining or Billerud – to name just a few of the world-leading companies based here.

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